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Lessons in Grid Computing
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'You should not overlook the potential genius in thisconcept.' --Geoffrey Moore, consultant and author, Dealing with Darwin 'Since he first identified 'information systems as mirrors of thepeople who build them' for me, I have seen it operate in many ways.It is a fascinating idea, and a completely new way of thinkingabout technology.' --Sean Moriarty, Chief Operating Officer, Ticketmaster 'This book makes for compelling reading--it's easy to becomeimmersed in the stories, and the insights gradually grow in thereader's mind as they take root in the character's minds. This isquite a useful work. The ideas presented here could be quickly putto practical use in any organization.' --Mohamed Muhsin, VP and CIO, The World Bank A breakthrough exploration of information systems as mirrors of thepeople who build them. Packed with truer-than-life stories, stimulating characters, andunique IT analysis, Lessons in Grid Computing finallydeclares: * Our systems will not 'talk to each other' if our people are nottalking to each other * We must transform ourselves to the same degree that we want totransform our systems * To correct problems in our information systems, we must firstaddress the problems between the people that build and supportthem Discover how to adjust your management style to enable the nextgeneration of technologies with the help of Lessons in GridComputing.

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